As your Students' Association, we hold elections several times a year to elect individuals to represent you and your fellow students at the University of Aberdeen.



Academic rep elections

Everyone has an elected Academic Rep within their class or year to ensure student voice on academic issues in their school.

Whether it’s reporting on great organisation, preventing course costs from catching students by surprise, or ensuring content is taught effectively for the level of study, Reps make really important links in the school you’re studying in.

All you have to do to be a Rep is nominate yourself and ensure you get more votes than the other guy!

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Committee Elections

Whether you love sport, have a flair for fundraising, care about academic issues, or want to make a difference in your community, there's a role for you.

While our trustee board provides us with strategic direction, our most inspirational leadership and ambition comes from the amazing students who volunteer on our representative standing committees.

Our student leaders at all levels develop the communications skills, network, and organisational skills to make a real mark during their time – many of our most successful alumni are former student leaders.

All it takes is ten fellow students to nominate you, and you’re a candidate!

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